Why You Should Sign Up For The Free Asics World Ekiden Running Event

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For those not familiar with the word ekiden, it basically means a running relay. Ekidens are wildly popular in Japan, where regular high-profile events see teams power through a long-distance race, passing on a tasuki (sash) to their teammate at the end of each leg.

They’re terrific fun to take part in, and the free Asics World Ekiden virtual event is an opportunity for everyone to give ekiden racing a go this November.

The event takes place between 11th and 22nd November, during which time teams of up to six will complete a marathon between them. It’s all done virtually, so you log your leg on a tracking app and pass the virtual sash, or baton, on to your teammate to run the next stint of the 42.2km.

There are six legs in total of varying distance, ranging from 5K to 10K, so runners of all abilities will be able to pick one that suits them. A team of six makes the most sense, then, but you can enter with fewer runners and get some of them to run twice.

The race will be tracked on a new platform using both event-planning system Race Roster and the ASICS Runkeeper app. You’ll be able to see how your team is doing compared with others and are also treated to an “in-race audio experience” for some extra motivation. We’re not sure what that experience will be, but it sounds exciting.

While doing an ekiden virtually isn’t quite as enjoyable and atmospheric as tackling one in real life, the Asics World Ekiden is a terrific chance to connect with running friends with whom you might not have been able to run for a long time. And if you ever needed motivation to go out and run hard by yourself, doing it for your team during the ekiden will provide that in spades.

You can sign up for the event now, so get moving and enlist some running buddies to join you.

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