UK Crossfit Champ Zack George’s AMRAP Workout

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We were surprised there hadn’t been more G-Shock fitness watches. It’s a brand that seems ripe for wearing while swinging weighted objects like kettlebells about. But here comes one now – as fashionably late as it is fashionable – in the form of the G-Shock H1000, which packs a heart rate monitor and GPS receiver into its bulky frame. While we’re putting it through its paces for a review, G-Shock Sport ambassador Zack George has shared a workout to put us and you through our paces.

It’s fair to say this is the sort of CrossFit-style workout George, who won the UK CrossFit Open 2020, could thrash through – but unless you’re an experienced CrossFit aficionado you may find yourself throwing the towel in early after struggling to complete one ring muscle-up. So we’ve provided some suggested variations in both equipment and difficulty to make it more accessible.

The format of the workout is an AMRAP, which stands for “as many rounds as possible” of a sequence of exercises in a given time. In this case one round is a 15-calorie row, ten bar-facing burpees and five ring muscle-ups (explained below).

“AMRAPS are all about pacing,” says George. “You see a lot of people going out too hard, then taking too much rest in the later rounds to recover from the hard pace they started with. I’ll set a pace I want to maintain every round and stay consistent all the way through until the last minute where I really push the pace.”

It can be useful to have a wearable, like the G-Shock H1000 (natch), with a timer and the ability to set alerts to buzz after your target round time. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your heart rate. “I always know if I’m working too hard by looking at my heart rate,” says George.

15-Minute AMRAP Workout

1 Row

Duration 15 calories

Row until the monitor says you have burned 15 calories. You can do this on any cardio machine, or use a wearable and run until it records 15 calories burned.

2 Bar-facing burpees

Reps 10

Stand with a barbell in front of you. Drop your hands to the floor just outside your feet, jump your feet back, lower your chest to the floor, then reverse the movements back to standing. Jump over the bar, turn to face the bar again and continue at pace. If you don’t have a barbell, use any low object to jump over.

3 Ring muscle-ups

Reps 5

Hang from a set of rings. Pull yourself up and over the bar so your arms are locked out with your hands underneath your shoulders. This is a demanding move that requires strength and mobility, and takes in-person instruction and lots of practice to master. If you’re learning, make the move easier by performing it on a pull-up bar; if it’s completely new to you, sub in a pull-up instead.

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