The Best Spin Bikes For Home Training

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There’s a reason why spinning studios are so popular. The sessions they put on are a time-effective and pretty enjoyable way to get fit, with excitable instructors and a room full of fellow riders to help motivate you to keep pushing.

Naturally you lose some of that experience if you opt for a home spinning bike, but you keep the time-effectiveness of the workout, and buying your own can also be a cost-effective move if it means you avoid regularly shelling out for expensive classes in boutique gyms.

High-end spinning bikes make an effort to replicate the studio experience too, with on-demand or even live classes you can follow on tablets or even screens built into the bike. Meanwhile, at the cheaper end of the spectrum you’ll simply be getting a piece of kit that will get you fit in short order, and won’t take up half a room like a treadmill or cross-trainer.

Spinning bikes differ from upright exercise bikes in the position you adopt while riding – you’ll be leaning forwards as on a racing bike – and they are better in terms of mimicking the feel of outdoor cycling. They tend to be pricier than upright bikes too, with the best budget spinning options still coming in over £200.

Here are the best spin bikes for your home.

JLL IC200 Pro

This is a great pick for beginners or anyone working to a tight budget. The IC200 Pro has a 7kg flywheel and offers eight levels of resistance, with the highest ones providing a challenge to even intermediate riders. There’s a tablet holder on the console too, so you can load up video workouts from apps or YouTube. If you want more resistance and have a little more budget to play with, check out the JLL IC300 Pro, which has a 20kg flywheel and costs £380.

JTX Cyclo-3

With a 20kg flywheel that offers infinite, yes INFINITE, levels of resistance, the Cyclo-3 can provide a tough workout for all abilities. The JTX range does include pricier models that have heavier flywheels and more connectivity to apps, but the Cyclo-3 is a great-value option for anyone who just wants a simple spinning bike they can use to get fit.

Buy from JTX | £349

Echelon Smart Connect Bike

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably aware of Peloton, and we’re going to come onto that in a moment. But first, a cheaper alternative that offers a similar experience. The Echelon bike is linked to the Echelon app, which contains a vast amount of live and on-demand spinning classes (as well as other types of classes like yoga and strength workouts). Unlike the Peloton, there is no monitor on the Echelon bike, but you can attach a tablet to the console to follow the classes on the app. Subscription costs £39.99 a month, so consider if you’re happy committing to that, because although the Echelon bike is cheaper than the Peloton it’s still very expensive and without the app it’s pretty pointless.

Buy from Echelon | From £1,238.99 | Echelon review


The bike that has become synonymous with home spinning, Peloton offers a truly excellent all-round experience. The bike itself is an impressive bit of kit, with a solid build, a quiet ride and all the resistance you could ever need. Naturally you need the app to bring out the best of it, with live and on-demand classes that really do provide the feel of a studio session. If you want to bring the spinning experience to your home there is no better option – but it comes at a hefty price, with the bike costing almost £2k and the subscription £39 a month.

Buy from Peloton | Peloton bike £1,990, monthly unlimited classes £39 | Peloton review


The priciest bike on this list, but for very different reasons to the Peloton. The Wahoo KICKR BIKE is all about creating the most realistic ride feel possible, to the point where it has adjustable points all over the frame so you can set it up exactly like your road bike, and even enter your gearset details to mimic your real-world ride. The KICKR BIKE also links easily to apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad and will not only simulate the inclines you experience when riding in virtual worlds but also tip you forwards and backwards in line with the slope you’re cycling on. It’s a masterpiece of design, and the perfect bike for serious cyclists who want the best recreation of outdoor cycling possible when training indoors. For everyone else, it’s overkill of course – but what glorious overkill.

Buy from Wahoo | £2,999.99

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