The Best Bike Phone Holders And Mounts For Urban Cycling

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With the right apps, your smartphone can do a very good imitation of a cycling computer, and it can certainly help you find your way around with turn by turn directions from route planning apps.

To get the most from these apps you need to be able to see your phone while you ride, and a phone holder and mount is the best way to go about achieving that.

You can get mounts to attach to your handlebars or the stem tube of your bike, and while some are more secure than others, all those on this list are robust and steady enough to keep your phone in place (on reasonably well-maintained roads at least).

There are hard cases that you order to fit your exact phone, and soft ones that can take a range of phones. The latter are often cheaper and easier to use, but the hard cases offer more protection and often come with a reassuringly secure clip-in or twist-in mount.

The Best Bike Phone Holders

SP Connect Bundle

You select a hard case for your exact phone model, then twist and lock the case on the mount, which you can put on the handlebars or the stem of your bike. It’s a highly secure system and you can get other mounts that work with the case, such as car windscreen or air vent mounts. The bundle also contains a waterproof cover for your phone, so you can use the mount in all conditions.

Buy from Freewheel | £29.99

Bike Citizens Finn Handlebar Phone Holder

This cheap and cheerful mount might seem worryingly inexpensive, but we’ve met cyclists who’ve successfully used it to hold their phone in place riding around London. The strap system means that you can use the mount with many different types of phone, though those straps will obscure parts of edge-to-edge screens. The holder is also easy to attach to your handlebars or swap to another bike, making it a useful purchase for regular users of bike-share schemes.

Buy from Bike Citizens Finn | €15 (around £13.63)

Quad Lock Bike Mount

Another mounting system where you buy a case for your phone that can then be used to attach it to many different mounts. Quad Lock’s products are by no means cheap, but the mount is secure and lightweight, and you can easily swap from a portrait to a landscape set-up on your phone depending on what’s best for the app you’re using. Once you’ve picked up the mount you’ll have to shop for the phone case separately, but a comprehensive range of models are covered on the Quad Lock site.

Buy bike kits from Quad Lock | From £29.95

LEMEGO Bicycle Frame Bag

A frame bag offers a third way to keep one eye on directions, although because it’s located on the crossbar it’s harder to see and interact with your phone. It is, however, waterproof and there’s a fair bit of storage in the bag to carry essentials like a spare inner tube and tyre levers.

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