Rapify Workout Mask Elevation mask 24 Breathing Levels Training Mask Sports Fitness, Running, Resistance, Cardio, Endurance, Exercise, Gym Mask for Fitness Training Sport Bane Mask

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Product Description

24 Breathing Levels Workout Mask Elevation Masks Sports Breathing Training Mask


How does this workout mask work?

It is used for running, football, basketball, rugby, track and field, jogging, fitness, cycling, skiing, hiking, marathon, triathlon or any other sport that wants to improve performance.

This is a breathing training equipment that can exercise the lung breathing muscles. During the training process, you feel that every breath becomes stronger, more stable and more efficient. Increased breathing depth means physical strength, endurance and resilience are greatly improved. It can improve your physical strength anytime, anywhere

The workout Mask promotes increased lung capacityby forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths.When your body adapts to the resistance your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently.

Workout Mask will benefit your respiratory system as your overall heart and endurance will improve with continued use.

Use the workout Mask as a key part of your conditioning program to achieve unparalleled endurance, Increase endurance and maximize recovery to take your fitness to a whole new level

Push Past Your Physical Limits

Push Past Your Physical Limits

Slip-Resistant Design

Slip-Resistant Design

Exhalation valve

Exhalation valve

Push Past Your Physical Limits

This standard size mask is designed to fit females and males, Suitable for all ages who love sports and exercise.

this breathing mask to fit your face comfortably and helps in increasing workout efficiency.

Slip-Resistant Design

When you’re in the middle of a workout the last thing you want to worry about is your mask falling off. Which is why we’ve intentionally designed our straps to hold steady at top speeds.

Exhalation valve

As shown in the picture, our workout mask is equipped with special exhalation valves,

This additional valve directs the carbon dioxide through proper channel and prevents air from flowing from the top edge of the mask into your eyes.

Workout MaskWorkout Mask

Adjustable Resistance

From easy to difficult, 24 levels of air resistance have reached different training intensities

There are 4 levels of resistance on each side of the mask which can be adjusted based on your needs and level of expertise with workout masks.

Turn the dial to the left and breathe smoothly without too much resistance. Conversely, the more you turn to the right, the greater your resistance to breathing.

BEGINNER: For getting started, recommend the beginner level. Feel the adapted mask and a new breath

INTERMEDIATE: Already experience in working with sports mask, Hope to push the next challenge

ADVANCED: Exercising regularly but want enhance physical potential by yourself.

EXTREME:According to hardcore workout, get the last out of your body.

Workout Mask Elevation MaskWorkout Mask Elevation Mask

-24 Resistance Levels-Our elevation workout mask has 24 resistance levels from beginner to pro. Its multiple resistance levels allow you to work on your breathing muscle strength and techniques.
-Boost Training Performance: The training mask maximizes the benefits you get from your workout results. The mask breathing exercise devices were engineered to apply variable levels of tension to the breathing muscles by controlling air flow which increases tension on your breathing muscles. Take your training to the next level and boost your training performance!
-For all fitness levlels: Whether you are beginning to train your respiratory muscles or you are a professional, this high intensity mask is suitable for everyone. The resistance levels are customizable, you can adjust them according to your level.
-Highest quality Mask: Our sport Mask is made from superior quality material and stitched with perfection. It does not rip off easily and you won’t face any holes or breakages. It is durable and lasts longer than some other masks.
-Compact Portable Shell: This case is durable, hard shell protection with zipper, will fit into your hiking backpack, sport anywhere you want!

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