Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting for HDTV, 15 Colors + 6500K True White LED TV Backlight, Adhesive RGB+W Strip Lights with Wireless Remote, Dimmer – Pro – XX-Large (60″-80″TV)

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Product Description

Power Practical Luminoodle LED LIghtingPower Practical Luminoodle LED LIghting

Experience the Difference

The Luminoodle TV not only provides beautiful ambient lighting but also enhances your viewing experience so much that you’ll wonder what you did without it. Diminish the eye strain you and your family experience on a nightly basis with a solution that will make your entire living room beautiful.

Luminoodle beautiful, eye-relieving TV Bias lighting and monitor backlightLuminoodle beautiful, eye-relieving TV Bias lighting and monitor backlight

Add Contrast & Color to Any Screen

The Luminoodle TV Backlight improves contrast ratios through a balanced white backlight. Watching TV in a dark environment affects the way our eyes react to light, and black looks more like gray. Turning on lamps in the room, however, results in glares on the TV screen. Illuminating your TVs background improves contrast levels by preventing grays and blacks on your screen from being washed out and improves the image on your screen without the need for light sources that cause a pesky glare.

Before and After Comparison of a Television with Luminoodle Bias Lighting BacklightBefore and After Comparison of a Television with Luminoodle Bias Lighting Backlight

Alleviate Eye Strain

Our eyes try to adjust to the average brightness level in a room, so when there is a large difference between the brightness on our screens and the brightness level in the room, our eyes work harder and fatigue more easily than usual. This results in headaches, dizziness and eye dryness. The Luminoodle TV Backlight raises the brightness level of the room – without the need to turn on lamps or lights that will create a glare on your screen – which gives your eyes a break.


Luminoodle TV Bias llighting easy install led strip

Luminoodle TV Bias llighting easy install led strip

USB powered LED Bias lighting

USB powered LED Bias lighting

Luminoodle TV bias lighting fits monitors and tvs of all sizes

Luminoodle TV bias lighting fits monitors and tvs of all sizes


Install it in minutes by securing the bias light to the back of your screen with the heavy-duty 3m adhesive tape.


Plug it into your television or monitor to have it turn on and off with your screen or use any 1A USB power source.


There are 4 sizes available to fit on any size screen with the ability to trim the backlight down for the perfect fit, everytime.


3M Adhesive

True White (6000K LEDs)

Color Changing (RGB LEDs)

Built-In Dimmer

Remote Control

Sold Separately

About Power Practical Inc.About Power Practical Inc.


When choosing a product online, it’s easy to zero in on the tech specs and features – as you should! But it’s also important to get to know the company you’re purchasing from so you can feel confident in supporting them, their process, how they treat their people and how they treat you. Every product you purchase is connected to a network of people who research, design, develop, manufacture, ship, and service it. Who you buy from matters just as much as what you buy.


Power Practical is built around quality, and that starts with a solid design process. Our Salt Lake City, Utah based team of engineers and designers researches, sketches and builds prototypes that are the building blocks for a seamless production run. Starting with a thoughtful and well-designed prototype means lower fail rates in production and a greater focus on quality manufacturing.


When you create an environment of respect and appreciation, people are inspired to do great work. We’ve developed close relationships with our manufacturing partners, chosing to work only with those who exceed quality standards that protect their workers’ rights and safety. In addition, we communicate with and visit our partners’ facilities on a regular basis to ensure production is going well and that workers can lead healthy, balanced lives.


Our team is focused on your complete satisfaction and supporting you. We read all customer reviews on a daily basis, tracking and reporting common complaints so we can make our high-quality products even better. We’ll treat you like a friend, which means no canned responses or scripts— just genuine and friendly answers, and if something is wrong, we’ll make it right.

RELIEVE EYE STRAIN: Watching TV in the dark causes the eyes to constantly adjust between a bright screen and dark surrounding area. Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting elevates the ambient light in the room with either high-quality, true white 6500K LEDs or one of 15 other color options, reducing eye strain and headaches.
EASY INSTALLATION: Wipe down the back of your TV, plan your route and adhere the LED strip lights to the TV.
COLOR FOR ANY EVENT: 15 colors, 10 brightness levels, 3 fade modes make this easy to customize. From neon accent lighting to warm white backlighting, you’ll have the color you need for any event.
INCLUDES: 197 inch (16.4 ft) TV light strip kit, fits around all four sides of TVs up to 80″ (see sizing diagram) with 3M adhesive, wireless remote and in-line on/off switch. (PATENT PENDING)
WE’RE HERE FOR YOU: Power Practical is committed to providing high-quality products. If you have any questions or concerns, message us! We will always get back to you within 24 hours for any issues or questions.

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